Thursday, 5 March 2009

Things that i didn't manage to take a photo of this month include my argument with jack black, A close-up of kanye west's Homo-fro, and the cunt who stole my Iphone.
here's what i did take pictures of:

1ST back in london start of the snow

2ND snow-door man

3RD Packing again

4TH Tom the sexpest

5TH Grammy rehearsal

6TH Downtown CrackHead

7TH Santa Monica

8TH Adele wins 2ND Grammy

9TH LA From the sky

10TH Snowy England

11TH My first encounter with Ed this year and the birth of a Twitter obsession

12TH Jamie T rehearsals start

13TH Double Drummer!

14TH Hangover and Stolen Iphone

15TH New Iphone!

16TH Secret Machines @ Islington Academy

17TH JamieT rehearsals

18TH Booze Pt.1

19TH Booze Pt.2

20TH More rehearsals

21ST Booze part.3

22ND Night In

23RD Meme

24TH Practice

25TH saying goodbye.

26TH More Jame Rehearsals

27TH BruceLaBruce

28TH messy in Glasgow

Saturday, 10 January 2009


So after doing it about 4 years ago i decided to do it again,
Take a photograph everyday for a year starting on January 1st.
It started as some sort of new year's resolution/ bet last time I did it.
But it turned into a challenge.
This time im doing it for narcissistic reasons, and i feel left out,
everyone has got a blog but me.

So ill be putting up a picture of something that happened on each day for a year.
sometime nothing happens or i will forget so maybe it will a shit photo.
and i will forget to take a photo im not making any promises.

January 1st
hangover and junk food


3RD Spilt wine

4TH Early nyte

5TH Tour Float

6TH Nearly newyork

7TH room with a view?

8TH Reunion!

9TH Joe, Tom and Ben in Little Italy

10TH SNOWday!

11TH I remember you well

12TH The BEST thing about NewYork

13TH The WORST thing about NewYork

14TH TourBus Helium

15TH Philly love

16TH Dave McDonald gets his 5 a day

17TH Cream cheese fight!

18TH Bloody Mary, Cheese and meat optional

19TH Cow on a roof in Chicago

20TH Diner in St Paul Minneapolis

21ST Shooting in Omaha

22ND Soft Rock in Denver

23RD Salt Lake City

 24TH Kennewick WA.

25TH Metronomy in Seattle

26TH Shitfaced in Seattle

27TH Miles & Adele in Portland

28TH San Francisco 

29TH Sanfran crowd

30TH L.A Crowd

31ST Retard by a pool